About Tim

Tim was born in Michigan in 1959. Graduated from Michigan State University in 1987. Received a Bachelor of Science in the School of Packaging during which Tim also met Maribea. Moved to California to work at a Lansmont Corporation in Monterey.  Maribea was finishing up her B.S. and then she drove out to "visit" after she graduated. Her visit turned into a full time position at a company previously known as Vitalink Corporation in Fremont.

I worked for Lansmont from 1987 - 1990 and then moved to San Jose to work at the PC Division of Unisys Corp. At Unisys I started out as a Packaging Engineer but after my five years there I ended up as webmaster of the PC Division and also did pre-sales support. I then had the excellent opportunity to accept a job at Netscape Communications Corp. This was my switch over into working directly with the internet software instead of just testing it on Unisys PCs. I worked as a Technical Support Engineer (TSE) in the server team of Netscape. I learned how to make high performance web servers with Netscape's Enterprise Server. I also became the guruji of Catalog Server which was later renamed Compass Server. While at Netscape I became very skilled with http, nntp, ldap, proxy, smtp, pop, imap, and many other protocols/servers. I worked there from July 96 until Oct. 1998. It was the best experience I ever had to work for a company of such fame. Following that, I took another great position at Inktomi Corporation in Nov. 1998 in the Commerce Division as a Senior Technical Support Engineer. Around November 2000, I changed positions a bit and did "Support Tools", built a Knowledge Base, webmaster, etc. In August 2003, I started working for Yahoo! Inc (which bought Inktomi), supporting the Yahoo! Search Technology. YST includes: Web Search, Site Search, News Search, Image Search, and Video Search. I left Yahoo! in April 2008 and I'm currently working for a small private company that specializes in digital content delivery: YouSendIt.

Michigan and Illinois is where the rest of family is located. Pat is the oldest of my 3 brothers and lives in Peoria, IL. Rob is next oldest and lives in Sterling Heights, MI. Steve is the younger brother and he lives in Jackson, MI. My parents also live in Jackson. All the brothers are married and have kids as I do.

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