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December 24, 2002

CA to AZ Time!

It's time once again to go where the snowbirds go, Green Valley, Arizona! We're off to visit Grandpa and Grandma Berry at their "Wintering Place". The kids really enjoy visiting them and swimming in the pool several times every day.

I enjoy the R&R mainly and the time spent with my parents.

My Dad is a member of the Green Valley Camera Club.

Check back later for more updates here from our trip. -Tim

December 21, 2002

I sold a bit of history...HPM-100's

It was a sad day for Tim. He finally parted with his awesome set of Classis "floor shakers": eBay item 1942570308 - PIONEER HPM-100 LoudSpeakers Original Owner

December 15, 2002

Reflections! A fun and addictive game

Check out this fun game to test your skills at bouncing lasers: Reflections