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April 29, 2003

Wired News: Licensed to War Drive in N.H.

Wired News: Licensed to War Drive in N.H.

DURHAM, New Hampshire -- A land where white pines easily outnumber wireless computer users, New Hampshire may seem an unlikely haven for the free networking movement.

But the state, known for its Live Free or Die motto, could become the first in the United States to provide legal protection for people who tap into insecure wireless networks. [More]

April 23, 2003

Parents celebrate their 50th anniversary

On April 23rd my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage. The kids are sending them on a romantic train ride to Chicago to see the Lion King.

April 12, 2003

MajorGeeks.com - Geek it 'till it MHz

Here's a good site for utilities: MajorGeeks.com - Geek it 'till it MHz

April 02, 2003

TiVo Home Media Option Rocks!

So we bit the bullet and decided to upgrade our TiVo series one for a series two. This was required to be able to use the newest feature from TiVo. The Home Media Option doesn't sound like much from it's name but it rocks! It allows you to stream all your MP3 files from your computer to your living room stereo and also all your digital photos onto your TV screen. The TiVo interface could use some future enhancements to make it function more like a jukebox but I'm sure their developers are working on that.