November 12, 2015

Removing DS_Store files from your Mac

Recursively Remove .DS_Store

1. Open up Terminal
2. In the command line, type: cd
3. In the command line, type: `find . -name '*.DS_Store' -type f -delete`
4. Press enter key to remove these files from your home folder..

May 29, 2007

Chat Abbreviations

Common online acronyms

What do online abbreviations/acronyms mean?

14AA41 one for all and all for one
1-D-R I wonder
121 one to one
143 I love you
411 information
4ever forever
86 over
AAF as a friend
AAK alive and kicking
AAMOF as a matter of fact
AAR at any rate
AAS alive and smiling
AATK always at the keyboard
ABT2 about to
AFAIK as far as I know
AFK away from keyboard
AFN that’s all for now
AKA also known as
ARE acronym-rich environment
ALOL actually laughing out loud
AND any day now
AOTA all of the above
ASAP as soon as possible
A/S/L? age, sex, location
A/S/L/M/H? age, sex, location, music, hobbies
AYSOS are you stupid or something
AYTMTB and you are telling me this because

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