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Isn't he cuuuuuuuuute!
The little chipmunk.

Katherine's Homepage

Hi! My name is Katherine. I live in California. I
am ten years old and I am in 5th grade. If you
are Sarah, Lauren, Jessie, Maggie or Arielle,
thanks for looking at my page!

I go to other places on the Internet:

     Neopets is a real fun place! I've even made
 an account there. My username is kab2112 and
I have many friends and kids that I know that
play Neopets and have accounts there. You 
have virtual pets there to take care of.

          You probably do know I love dogs!
They are my favorite animals. I would of had
a dog but my dad is allergic to fur.

 I am a bit of a drama queen, and a fashion critic but
I get by with my family and friends. They are all the
best people I know.

       Last year I had Mr. Easton as a teacher. He is
 really strict! My best and favorite subject is math.
But I do like poetry.

I LOVE dogs!
Here is a link to Neopets